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  • Types of Breakfasts Served
    Buffet Breakfast, French Breakfast

Today, the Café de La Paix is an elegant restaurant, blend of listed Napoleon III decor, timeless and perfectly preserved, and a more contemporary spirit expressed by streamlined shapes and natural tones.

Experience Parisian chic and the classics of French cuisine, served for over 150 years to the crème of the capital and Parisians-for-a-day from around the world.




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3,699 reviews
  • Martin Duncanson
    Martin Duncanson
    a year ago

    Spectacular location. The seafood platter was enormous; one plate easily went between two people and presented great value. We had a very enjoyable meal and pretty good value too. Table service was extremely good too and made us feel welcome and comfortable with no pretentiousness. Despite the restaurant being very busy, our waiter seemed to always appear just as we needed him. Definitely would visit again and can recommend!

  • Emily Anderson
    Emily Anderson
    6 months ago

    We are staying at the hotel. This is our second night. This would have been a 2 star review because the service was great (our server was very friendly) and the food was okay (we didn't finish it because of the commentary below) but the fact that we saw over 10 mice during our hour in the restaurant caused question for health concerns... and created potential regret with getting breakfast this morning. We had a long day and were unable to find dinner accommodations in the area. We asked for a table around 1015p and we were promptly seated. We had really great service. Everyone was really friendly. Prior to receiving our escargot we saw a mouse scurry across the floor... not being used to this, I gasped and another guest noticed what I was looking at. Within 10 minutes, another couple situated in a different area asked to move near us because they had also seen a mouse. They left shortly after. I saw 10 mice within the course of an hour and I decided I wasn't going to finish my meal. We were assured by staff that this was normal for Paris... We've been in the general area for a while and we haven't experienced this elsewhere. Health concerns are our priority. I don't know what the kitchen looks like (i will ask to see it again)... but enjoy photos of the food. We weren't offered any kind of discount and were told that as the night continues it is normal for mice to inhabit restaurants...That this is the norm in Paris. The waitress jokingly made reference to the movie Ratatouille to try and comfort us. This has not been our experience in Paris...let alone a restaurant connected to a 5 star hotel. Summary: Food was okay. The multitude of mice was discouraging and I won't be staying at this hotel again, much-less dining at this establishment.

  • Angel Huang
    Angel Huang
    4 months ago

    Drinks are generally fine and hot chocolate is excellent. Onion soup is not as good compared to what we had in Monaco. Perhaps due to the bread added. Seafood is rather fresh. Oyster is nice and prawn is so sweet. The paste lobster is rightly done. Good ambience for a chill out. We were here for a drink before dinner and followed by a great dinning experience.

  • Wendy Nguyen
    Wendy Nguyen
    2 months ago

    Such a beautiful restaurant! We had a birthday brunch here, and everything was perfect from the food to the ambiance. The pricing is also reasonable for the location, I would love to come back here again next time when I am in Paris.

  • Darius Saul
    Darius Saul
    3 months ago

    NOT worthy! We’ve spent 400 Euros and certainly can’t recommend the place! Paris is famous for it’s food and good restaurants, unfortunately there are rip of places with average food and fake printed art works on the walls, such is the Cafe de la Paix, start with it is NOT a Michelin star restaurant, so don’t expect that food will be great, food is an average and overpriced, I guess you pay for the location, but later we found out better restaurants nearby, so I would highly recommend to look around. We ordered a few starters, no one bothered to explain us that we will be eating raw seafood, they literally had no English menu available, considering that this place is tourist welcome. From the first sign this place looks luxurious, but when you look around you start noticing printed cheap paintings, old carpets and furniture that had seen better days. Staff was average, a bit on rush to serve us, and rid off us and get the tips. It reminded me somehow some fast take away places in London, even there you will get 4 star service and food… 2 stars and that’s being generous

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