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Top 8 Easy Breakfast Ideas With Eggs

Top 8 Easy Breakfast Ideas With Eggs

Are you looking for breakfast ideas with eggs? People have an old affection towards eggs, and their allegiance to them is unbreakable. There is hardly anything better for breakfast than some good fresh eggs. They are packed with protein, have a unique taste, and help you start your day full of energy and enthusiasm.

A single egg has around 7 grams of protein and 75 calories and is really versatile. You can eat them hard-boiled, poached, scrambled, with bread, with any dinner leftovers, etc., and this makes them a favorite for breakfast all over the world.

People worldwide use eggs for making the most delicious of recipes at any time of the day. However, they are best suited for the morning time and making the best breakfast meals. If you are low on time and cannot cook, BreakfastPass helps you find the best breakfast places near you along with great offers and discounts.

When it comes to breakfast, there are certain egg dishes which are common and really delicious. Here are the best breakfast ideas with eggs for you.

Sunny Side Up Eggs

One of the most common ways to cook eggs for breakfast, a sunny side up egg is never flipped while cooking and is fried on one side only. The egg whites on the surface are not set, and the yolk is totally liquid. You can use butter on the eggs if you want, and remember to cover the pan so that the egg whites are cooked properly.

You just need to cook the eggs for 2-2.5 minutes and slide out the eggs on a toast or plate, seasoning them with pepper or salt. The name sunny side up is used because the eggs cooked in this way look like the morning sun.

Over Easy Eggs

Over easy eggs are fried on both sides, but one side is cooked longer than the other so that the yolk is not cooked completely and remains runny. You need to cook the egg on one side till the whites get set to the bottom, and then you flip the egg to cook the other side.

Over means the flipping of the egg to the other side, and easy means that the yolk stays runny and liquid. Variations to this type include over hard and over medium depending on your preference of cooking the yolk.

Boiled Eggs

A popular way to eat your breakfast eggs, boiled eggs are immersed in boiling water with their shells intact. Hard-boiled eggs have solid whites and yolk, while soft-boiled eggs have partially raw, liquid whites and liquid yolk. Eggs can also be boiled below boiling temperature and later steamed.

As the eggs are boiled with their shells intact, you need to peel off the shell after boiling. People, especially athletes and fitness enthusiasts, love boiled eggs, and some even eat them after removing the yolk. Many people use boiled eggs as part of more elaborate breakfast dishes or an egg salad.

Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast ideas with eggs

Even though it seems easy to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, you can easily mess them up. They are made by whipping, stirring, or beating eggs together while heating them along with butter, oil, salt, and your choice of vegetables or sauces. Some people crack the eggs into a bowl, while some do it directly into a pan for making scrambled eggs.

Both the yolk and whites are stirred together, and people from different regions use different ingredients like cream, milk, butter, salt, water, or anything else. Instead of under-seasoning or overcooking eggs, wait for a golden, light texture for the perfect scrambled eggs.


Another common breakfast dish worldwide, omelets are made by beating eggs and frying them in a pan with oil or butter. However, the eggs are not stirred like they are in the scrambled type. Egg whites are generally beaten with small amounts of cream, milk, or water before frying them in a pan.

An omelet is usually folded around different fillings like vegetables, chives, meat, mushrooms, bacon, ham, or a combination of these things. You will find variations all over the world for omelets, and this is a must-have breakfast dish if you ever visit a new country or region. If you are traveling, you can search for the best fast food breakfast using BreakfastPass.

Fried Eggs Sandwich

A fried egg sandwich is ideal for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner and is easy to make. The best way is to fry eggs perfectly and use mayonnaise or sauce for the sandwich if you want a mouthwatering one. Fry some eggs in a pan and sprinkle them with pepper, salt, or other spices for taste.

You can make your own mayonnaise or get packaged ones from the market. You can even use different kinds of sauce based on your tastes and preferences. Put the fried eggs between the bread and use bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and other toppings for the sandwich.

Simple Baked Eggs

Baked eggs are unique and offer something different than the same old fried or boiled eggs for breakfast. You can use the same ingredients and use this unique way to have your eggs in a different way. You just have to crack the eggs inside small baking dishes and use your favorite ingredients for topping the eggs.

You can keep things simple and use normal herbs, some meats, Parmesan cheese, or you can try new things like mushroom, sautéed spinach, and other veggies for the baked eggs. Preheat the oven and bake the eggs for around 15 minutes for the perfect taste and flavor.

Eggs Mini Frittatas

A mini frittata is simply an egg muffin that is easy to make and carry along with you if you are running late in the morning. The perfect, nutritious breakfast, these frittatas are filled with vegetables and pecans. You can store them in the refrigerator, and they will not get spoiled. You can eat them for up to a week.

You just need to cut the pecans and veggies, whisk eggs, and place them in the oven. Reheating is not necessary, and they taste great cold, at room temperature, and even hot. Freeze them, and they stay good for over 2 months.


Who does not love a protein-packed egg breakfast to start their morning? There are countless breakfast ideas with eggs and ways to cook your eggs, and different regions have different ways to make them. Some egg dishes are common, while some are not that popular.

We talked about the best breakfast ideas with eggs that you can easily make at home. These egg dishes don’t require a lot of time and effort, which makes them perfect for your breakfast.

If you want to go out for breakfast, you can always use BreakfastPass to check out the best outlets near you and get great offers and deals. Make your booking and never skip out on the most important meal of the day.

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