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Breakfast & Brunch in Tokyo, Japan

Best Breakfast in Tokyo Japan

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Tokyo areas: ChuoShinagawa, Shinjuku

Looking for the Best Breakfast in Tokyo?

You came to the right place. BreakfastPass lists the best breakfast places in the Tokyo area. From here you can browse and find your next breakfast in the Tokyo Harajuku area and breakfasts in Asakusa, Roppongi, Koengi and Tokyo suburbs.

Best Breakfast in Tokyo Japan

What types of breakfasts can you find in Tokyo?

Hotel breakfasts are a big deal in Tokyo. Especially in the Harajuku area, the chic capital of Japan. All major hotels offer several places to enjoy your breakfast. hotels are renowned for their breakfast menus and buffets but nowadays, they also offer alternatives with more quaint and relaxed breakfast places offering A la carte menus and specialty breakfast menus. Among those, you’ll easily find American breakfasts, Continental breakfasts, Japanese breakfasts, French breakfasts and more.

Feel free to use our various search filters to narrow down your search and find any type of culinary specialty breakfast you are looking for. By choosing a particular type of breakfast place like a breakfast bar, a hotel or a restaurant you will have access to more filters and can then narrow your search results down to Tokyo breakfast places with gluten free or vegan options.

Most listings include a Booking module allowing you to make a reservation for your next breakfast. You can specify the number of guests and the time at which you’d like to make your breakfast reservation.

You can locate the best breakfast in Tokyo Japan by using the map. All breakfast places are located with an icon showing you their exact location. By clicking on the icon you get more information on a particular listing and access the breakfast place detail page.

You can also simply go through the list of Tokyo breakfast places above, and click on any listing you’re interested in visiting.

What to eat for breakfast in Tokyo?

Be sure to try some of the local breakfast specialty dishes like:

  • Gohan, or steamed rice. Steamed white rice (hakumai) or brown rice (genmai) are staples for almost every meal in Japan.
  • Okayu, or rice porridge. Porridge is made by boiling the rice until the grains begin to break down and the starch thickens the water. It is then complimented with soy sauce or shredded meat. 
  • Miso Shiru, or Miso soup. A very popular soup in Japan and often included at the beginning of every meal.
  • Natto, or fermented soy beans. It is a protein-packed dish of steamed, fermented soybeans typically served over a bed of steamed rice.
  • Tamagoyaki, an omelet roll made of thin layers of eggs and filled with cheese and often served with a bowl of steamed rice.

Breakfast Deals in Tokyo, Japan

Some of our Breakfast Partners also offer deals on breakfasts they serve. You can view those deals where the icon “Breakfast Deal” is featured and you can purchase some of the best breakfast in Tokyo Japan while you make your reservation.

Need help with your Tokyo Breakfast reservation?

If you need help making a reservation or with an existing Tokyo breakfast reservation you’ve made on BreakfastPass, our customer support team is here for you. Simply use the Live Chat at the bottom right of this page to chat with one of our Support Team member. We’ll be happy to provide any help we can regarding your breakfast reservation in Tokyo.

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