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24 Hours Cafe in the center of Tokyo. Located close to the Imperial Palace, ideal for joggers. A unique cafe with a global atmosphere Welcoming over 30,000 guests from over 100 different countries every year, Sakura Cafe is always alive with the constant flow of different languages. International Cuisine, International Teas, International Beers.




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  • Anwar Sulfikar Leendertz

    Searched for halal food! Then I came to this place where the people were very helpful and understood I wanted halal food and no alcohol! The food was great overall, and the drink was good also! The cafe is beautifully made and very comfortable. Good place to talk, work, chill & chat.

  • Sonata Chaterji
    Sonata Chaterji
    2 months ago

    Lovely discovery near the Imperial Palace, cute little menu (wish they had multigrain bread instead of white bread, but not docking points for that this time :)) Exquisite health teas (served in style) and green tea desserts. The only thing that I didn't like... since I like Tokyo I'm still not docking points is the smoking room right up close to the dining area, within an enclosure alright. A guy smoked and got out and I felt whiffs for a bit. Maybe they have it because it has an attached hotel but I don't like the idea so I hope they get rid of it and put a greenhouse there instead in keeping with the ambiance. It's ok if your sales dip some from that but I get it, it's not my business. Oh wow, I also discovered that this hotel has group runs. How cool is that. I haven't stayed in the hotel so can't comment on how good it is but love the idea.

  • l p
    l p
    4 years ago

    A small cafe in the first floor of a hotel located in a relatively obscure place in the middle of the city. If you're dining, you can get a menu from the counter and decide at your seat. All orders are made at the counter, and you have to return the dishes when you're done. The food menu had lots of choices from many countries and they have the most international beer selections I've seen. They have an all-you-can-drink softdrink menu, a few seats outside, free Wi-Fi and they accept credit cards.

  • Vincent Tang
    Vincent Tang
    4 years ago

    Price for the food was very reasonable and the place was a bit cozy overall (there were only 2 other groups beside mine) it was around 8:30 PM. Two poutines, fried rice and pizza totaled 2400 Yen. Would reccommend this place for those who want a cheap eat from international cuisines.

  • Matt Warren
    Matt Warren
    6 months ago

    An article about best places to get breakfast in Akibahara led me to this quiet little cafe tucked between the high rises. The buffet style fare is fair, but not great and definitely not best. For about 400 yen you'll be able to get some toast, jam, and coffee. For a bit more they offer scrambled eggs and pastries, and I believe if you go for their made to order drinks you'll be pleasantly surprised by flavors offered. It's a good value meal but if you're searching for something more savory, you'll find it further down the road.

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