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Largest Starbucks in the World until the one in ChiTown opened. To avoid long line, plan of arriving there very early. Staffs all friendly.




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  • Sharn Kung
    Sharn Kung
    a week ago

    Get here early or use one of the QR codes and scan to get on the digital ticket early. We did it at 7:10 and had spot #20. Took about an hour so we went to shop at Donquxote Don Quixote around the corner. The reservation system is not easy and fills up quickly. Place got really busy at 9:30AM and the line inside for coffee was around 20-30 deeps. The time it takes to get in seems to be based off the assumption most people will leave within the 90 minutes that you allowed. Weekends are more busy than weekdays. Lovely view of the Meguro river with Blossoms fully bloomed. Food is really good and the coffee is obviously great. They do roasting inside but we were not able to stick around for it. It was schedule for around 10:30AM. Worth the visit if the wait is only an hour, but not if I have to wait 4 or more. That's a wasted day in Tokyo for just coffee!

  • Dustin Stumbo
    Dustin Stumbo
    2 months ago

    This place was incredibly fun to visit. My group spent well over an hour here, watching master roasters at work. There were plenty of samples and a wide variety of items to purchase in this multi-story Starbucks Reserve. The top floor features a bar that serves unique drinks combining Starbucks coffee with spirits. There is also a great selection of pastries and food to choose from. Although the gift shop was pricey, all the items seemed to be of high quality. Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable visit.

  • Shirley Odelia
    Shirley Odelia
    in the last week

    Really love the vibe of this Starbucks. They have improved the queue with online system. I waited about 15 min for a weekday brunch. My tuna sandwich and seasonal Sakura latte was about 2,000 yen. As I was really hungry I went to the first food thing I saw instead of exploring the other levels of food and drinks.

  • JP Bouchard
    JP Bouchard
    3 weeks ago

    I love coffee and I love Starbucks. Whether at home or abroad, I always make it a point to visit it regularly. However, this was my first visit to a reserve roastery and the coffee, tea, food and experience was out of this world. Although pricier than regular Starbucks, the experience alone is worth it but the place is very popular so its best to either visit early or late in the day. We initially attempted to visit in mid afternoon but because of the long waiting list, decided to try again the next day. The next morning, we were there 10 minutes before opening time and managed to go in at 7 AM, alongside around a dozen other visitors. By 10 AM, the place is packed so we enjoyed a few hours of quiet time to enjoy the coffee, tea and food and to take photos. In terms of breakfast, the store offers egg omelette sandwiches on croissant as well as breakfast casserole featuring eggs, bacon and bread. There's also a variety of croissant and pastries. I'm looking forward to visiting other locations like Milan, Shanghai or New York.

  • Steven Suarez
    Steven Suarez
    in the last week

    As I have a lot to say, here is the TLDR: A phenomenal place and an ABSOLUTE must-visit, particularly in spring! A very important PSA: This place gets unbelievably busy and they often resort to a "ticketing system". If you are planning on visiting during the weekend, expect wait times of more than 2 hours. Upon arriving, you will be directed to a small area to the side of the Reserve that acts like a kind of satellite store. There you will find a barcode. Scan it and follow the directions to be placed in the "line". You will get a notification when your number is called. Now, I know that some will be put off by such a large wait time, but please trust me when I say that you can take that as an opportunity for a lovely, day-long activity. You see, the Reserve is conveniently located in Meguro by the Nakameguro River. There are tons of shops and some amazing places to eat. So I recommend you "get in line", have a stroll, stop by a place that catches your fancy for something to eat and by that time you are done, you'll have a notification telling you that you may enter. Now, I have been here on several occasions and on every visit, I walk out amazed by the entirety of the experience being offered at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo. The interior. Stunningly beautiful. From the center piece that acts as a focal point for each floor, to the coffee board that excitedly spells out that day's recommendation or small blurb on a coffee being offered, everything on display serves to enhance the visual experience. Even more impressive, is that each floor manages to have its own identity and to serve up a scene that, while different from the others, still feels part of a cohesive whole. As easy as it is to get lost in the impressive visuals, your eyes will eventually be drawn to the merch, food and drinks that are on display at the Reserve. The merch sold here is classy, beautiful, tasteful and quite expensive. You've been warned. The presentation of the food and drinks is no slouch either. You will most likely be mesmerized by the elegant movements of the baristas, but you will be just as surprised by the exquisite presentation of each item. Not only does the drink look so good that you feel bad about actually drinking it, but you'll be taken aback by the exquisite plating of each order. What's more, on the 2nd floor, dedicated to Teavana products, each order usually has a finishing touch that is not done until you are in front of the barista, picking up your order. Again, the drinks here are a lot more expensive than the ones you find at a regular Starbucks, but they sure are worth it. Apart from the standard fare, you will also find baked goods, an assortment of breads, pizzas and other easy-to-eat foods. The interior, drinks, and food are enough to make your trip to the Reserve worth it, but I would be remiss if I did not mention the exceptional service of the staff and baristas at the Reserve. No matter how busy it gets, you get the service of a 5 star, fine dining restaurant. There is so much attention being paid to all the small details to ensure that you are enjoying your time at the Reserve. I want to personally give a sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the staff for their hard work, friendliness, warmth, attention and dedication. I truly believe that this place can only exist because of the exceptional effort that the staff employ. If all of this was not enough, than you have outside seating that looks out to the Nakameguro River, which, in the spring, is adorned with the most stunning cherry blossoms. You can spend all afternoon sipping on your drink and enjoying the sight before you and should you stay past dusk, then you will be greeted by the surreal sight of Nakameguro River illuminated by lanterns or the moonlight. This is a magical place in the middle of a concrete jungle.

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