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Largest Starbucks in the World until the one in ChiTown opened. To avoid long line, plan of arriving there very early. Staffs all friendly.




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  • Angelique Howard
    Angelique Howard
    3 weeks ago

    We got here at 8am on a Friday and it was quite empty. By the time we left at 10am there was short lines everywhere. Nothing crazy. We had an excellent time here. It had a wonderful atmosphere and is near a quiet area. The staff was extremely kind, she noticed we were traveling (because of our backpack) and joined us in conversation about japan and recommended us places to visit. She even wrote a nice note on the complementary coasters that each drink comes with. By the way, the coasters are not flimsy plastic, they’re very hard and can be used as souvenirs. We order a few drinks and a coffee flight. During the coffee flight, the barista will explain the process and let you smell the grounds. They are extremely detailed oriented when making each drink, tasting everything they are making along the way to ensure it was brewed to perfection. The pastries were extremely good, the sandwich not so much. Overall, it was worth the 40 minute trip from our hotel and an amazing experience!

  • Arthur B
    Arthur B
    a week ago

    A very long queue and long hours (2-3 hours) to get in. Suggestion: get the queue number early, then go around & enjoy the neighborhood. You can track the queue status in your mobile phone. While waiting, you can also have light breakfast or lunch in cafe around the area and later you can have dessert selections or more meal (sandwich and pizza) in Starbucks The food and beverages in this Starbucks are amazing. Must try all! They have several signature beverages which are only served in this Starbucks store. Check with the barista, but my favorite signature beverage is “Whiskey barrel-aged” ice coffee 👍 You can also buy the beans and bring it home. I did!

  • Parin
    a week ago

    My first time going to a Starbucks Reserve and I was impressed with it! It's 4 floors and it's 1 of the 6 reserves around the world so if you've got the time I suggest visiting. It can get busy at times and service is slower than I expected but still a good experience and worth checking out. If you love starbucks or coffee this is the place for you!

  • jinnie bee
    jinnie bee
    2 months ago

    I love the atmosphere. The staffs are accomodating and they look like they're enjoying their work. Thank you for making us feel welcome. I enjoyed my time here. The food prices are on the expensive side. But the pizza serving are a lot for me so i got really full. The tea drink i had was just so so... Nothing special. But i received cute postcard and coaster. I'll keep it as a souvenir.

  • yunus emre demir
    yunus emre demir
    in the last week

    Absolutely recommended place. I have been to a couple of Starbucks reserve shops but this one is definitely different from the others. 1st floor for coffee and bakery, 2nd floor for tea, 3rd floor for alcoholic cocktails and 4th floor for sitting areas. Every floor has their own wide menu I can guarantee you cannot choose directly and you want to try different different things. All I can say is go there and at least spare one hour for this place will be worth it. Ps we went there on Sunday evening and waiting time was only 15 minutes to get inside the building. When you get inside directly order and when you are waiting for your order you can room around.

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