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  • Types of Breakfasts Served
    Buffet Breakfast, Indian Breakfast, Japanese Breakfast, Middle Eastern Breakfast

Renowned as one of the finest international buffets in Bangkok, dining in the elegant setting of Orchid Café adds a sense of occasion to every meal. The perfect choice for dining with friends and family or with business clients, the beautifully displayed buffet includes a feast of ethnic cuisines from around the world.




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  • Shioya Tomoko
    Shioya Tomoko
    a week ago

    We have visited almost all the Buffets in Bangkok neighbourhood hotels with our two children and we like this hotel's Buffet the best. As well as the quality of the food, the warm and friendly service to guests and the bright and beautiful décor are also our favourites.

  • Matthew Ngai
    Matthew Ngai
    8 months ago

    The location is super convenience, just next to Asok BTS and has a bridge to connect in between. I'm having the lunch buffet in weekday, the regular price is 1,500 BAHT, I reserved via Eatigo and get a 30% discount. The salad bar has many choices, above average. The seafood provided oyster, shrimp and mussel. The 🦪 is tiny size but very fresh, not very salty one. The 🦐 is extremely good, firm texture and very fresh. The Japanese corner provide sashimi, sushi and tempura. The choices are limited but the quality is very good. The hot plates are general, choices are also limited. The best food is the roasted beef, very tender and juicy, I tasted 2 rounds unfortunately my stomach cannot afford more. The foods are very good but the service is also renowned. All waiters/waitresses always keep smiling and I really enjoy to have meal in such comfortable atmosphere. I will recommend this restaurant for the diner who are looking for quality food and services.

  • Tanya J
    Tanya J
    9 months ago

    Great service. I would give this place 3.7 stars for breakfast and dinner buffet. They have all kinds of cuisine from Korea, Japanese, India, etc. It was very busy on Sunday morning. The food tasted good but lackluster. Dim sum were sad. Satay and eggs were nice. Noodle was quite bland. Fruit juices and pastries were awesome. For dinner, the seafoods were awesome. They have sushi and made to order pasta bar. My biggest complaint is that the Thai foods are not flavorful.

    2 years ago

    Good experience but no more than that. I was at the dinner buffet in Thursday night. Excellent service. Food is just ok. Not big variety of salads Just two kinds of meat.. both dry. Deserts were good. Seafood was mediocre. Worth your money?? (1800 baht before tax and service) well… I think for a one timer.. yes.. but the price is reasonable for what you getting. Much better alternative in Bangkok.. inside the Sheraton hotel ( which is beautiful). Good access points for disabled people.

  • Roongtiwa “Golfii”

    🦐 is very fresh and texture is so good. friendly staff. Recommend.

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