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    South American Breakfast, Spanish Breakfast

We opened our doors in 2017 in the heart of Barcelona, ​​on Rambla Catalunya, and since then we have worked to offer fast food, but 100% artisan food. Milanese, threads, pizzas and empanadas are the four pillars on which Chalito’s menu is based. All of them made with homemade dough, which we prepare by hand every day with the utmost care, and which respond to our gastronomic philosophy: Handmade, made with enthusiasm.





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  • Scott Robson
    Scott Robson
    11 months ago

    What a fantastic Pizza joint! Thoroughly enjoyed our meals here with plenty of food to offer, portion sizes are big also! I recommend the 'small' pizza's as the large was just too much to eat. All desert's are home made also. Excellent quality at an excellent price. 2 pizza's, onion rings and 2 drinks came to €25. Bargain for such a big, yummy meal.

  • Theresa
    6 months ago

    The milanesas were definitely good but we weren’t blown away. Fairly comparable to schnitzel we’ve had elsewhere. As an aside, through no fault of the restaurant, there was a bit of bug situation on the patio. We were seated at a table above a sewer grate. Unfortunately a piece of food dropped to the floor and immediately these cockroach-like bugs fled out of the sewer grate to pile onto the food scrap. Just be mindful of where you’re seated and try to keep your food off the ground.

  • Syed Mujtaba haider Zaidi

    One of the best big portion and affordable food in barcelona at main location of la rambla street. I would highly recommend their pizzas and tapas. Their serving size is quite big and big pizza bead is huge. Food was fresh and tasty . Kudos to all the amazing people serving here. There is occasionally a line too but you will be able to sit with in 10 minutes.

  • Yinlena Xu
    Yinlena Xu
    4 months ago

    Honestly, not the best experience. The food was pretty average. Fries where so soggy, onion rings had no crunch whatsoever. Roscas and milanesas where ok, but you surely have to get the meat versions. Milanesa of eggplant was so bad, it was pretty much all bread. Also, they charged us for a take away box? And for bringing our own birthday cake??? First time seeing this happen!

  • Robert Wojno
    Robert Wojno
    3 months ago

    Good food for a decent price. Although it’s in the centre, it’s a proper restaurant that’s pretty popular among Argentinian and Uruguayan communities craving for a proper Milanesa. The chain is owned by the footballer Luis Suarez, so it’s legitimately Uruguayan. In the menu you can also find pizzas and some hamburger like food. Everything is tasty but the Milanesas are the best. You can pick veal, pork, chicken or vegetarian option made of eggplant. To sum up it’s a decent option in the centre. Highly recommend although by the type of food they serve, it might not be for everyone.

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