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  • Types of Breakfasts Served
    American Breakfast, Buffet Breakfast

For all-day dining and delicious cocktails, it just has to be MO Bar. Located on the ground floor of the hotel Mandarin Oriental, MO Bar is one of Hong Kong’s hottest dining and drinking spots. Specializing in fresh, organic food, we open for breakfast at 7am with a delicious buffet featuring a choice of dim sum and American classics.




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  • Jade
    4 months ago

    One of our favourite places to grab breakfast. The bagel with smoked salmon is delicious and always presented beautifully. The Pho broth is very clean and the piece of brisket is super tender. We love bringing our girls for meals here for years to come.

  • FMGK Blue
    FMGK Blue
    12 months ago

    Best food quality in town, unlimited cocktails and champagne, fantastic service and top notch atmosphere thanks to live DJ. I'm a regular and I'm addicted... The food menu changes every quarter depending on seasons. The pictures here are the seafood brunch but I can't wait for their spring brunch !!!!

  • Cedric Womg
    Cedric Womg
    a month ago

    The service and staff was phenomenal and so was the food. I ordered a total of two items, Apple juice and Nacho Supreme. Both of which came in surprisingly fast and they were still fresh. The service was still the main topic. A specific worker guided me to the toilet and also reached me how to use the bill machine. Wonderful staff and food, highly recommend.

  • Carnivore HK
    Carnivore HK
    7 months ago

    Service was excellent. We only had coffee and cookie, so I can only base my food experience on those items. The cappuccino and decaf americano was not very good. Too much milk ratio in cappuccino, taste more like a latte. The decaf coffee tasted like cardboard, taste very much like one I’ve had at another high end restaurant nearby which was also terrible. Seems like those restaurants all get their decaf coffee from the same place. Cookie was quite nice, it has chocolate chips with sweet & salty flavours.

  • Lin Jiang
    Lin Jiang
    5 months ago

    Had a breakfast Pho here after having a pho craving. Not quite the same as the stuff from Melbourne, but extremely clean and meat was tender. I still prefer Melbourne Pho, but this was pretty good.

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