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Clipper Lounge is a long-established favorite with Hong Kong locals and hotel guests alike and a wonderful place to meet at any time in the day. Clipper Lounge has a timelessly elegant feel with mink, taupe and mandarin furnishings enhanced with subtle Oriental accents.




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  • momo mimi (mimimomo)

    When it comes to afternoon tea, my absolute favorite is The Mandarin Oriental. Perhaps it's because I have a preference for scones and savory treats over cakes, and The Mandarin Oriental excels in both their sandwiches and scones! The desserts paired with the tea set this time were perfect for the summer season, predominantly featuring fruity flavors that were pleasantly tangy and sweet, without being overly saccharine. The portions of their desserts are generous, not bite-sized miniatures, so they are meant for sharing rather than each person having their own portion. In the case of an odd number of guests, such as my party of three, the third person can only choose three out of the five desserts included in the tea set. An additional highlight was the dessert trolley, where each person could select an extra sweet treat. We opted for the dried fruit white chocolate, truffle chocolate, and red bean mochi, and all three were delightful. We also ordered a chocolate as a birthday cake, and it was incredibly rich. After indulging in it, a cup of tea was necessary before continuing with the other delights from the tea set. Regarding the beverages, the iced chocolate was mildly flavored, not as prominent compared to the tea and sweets. The service at the Clipper Lounge was impeccable, and the staff made us feel warm and welcomed. Although the ambiance had a slightly dated charm, especially when compared to more modern establishments, I still consider it my preferred destination for afternoon tea among the many options available.

  • Helen Yu (Chestnut Journal)

    Just a tad disappointed because one naturally holds high expectations for a place like Mandarin Oriental. I sensed a hint of reluctance in the waiter when we asked for things like water. While the cake selection was delightful and very good, the egg tarts and pandan cakes were somewhat mediocre to be featured in a high tea there. The savoury sandwiches were average. Their signature scones were indeed good however, and the highlight of the tea set I think is the rose jam. The ambiance really is very good, and you can feel the civility of other patrons so the overall experience does meet the high standard of the mandarin oriental.

  • Tony Tang
    Tony Tang
    3 weeks ago

    The Clippers Lounge used to be my go-to for a proper afternoon tea for special occasions, but the service quality drop makes it not worthwhile any more. Sunday afternoon tea hours, busy, but not an excuse. 1. I went and was seated, a waitress came minutes later to bring me a glass of water. I then requested for warm water and she rolled her eyes and put a long face, AND my glass of water never came until I asked a second waiter. 2. Not sure if it's a seasonal menu or not but there's very few items with fresh fruits on. 3. The champagne pour was HALF glass. Not to mention we asked for Non vintage and they gave a vintage 2016 moet, didn't really pay attention when taking the order. The charms of this place are gone sadly. I had a wonderful birthday celebration with a big group there before covid and that was my best afternoon tea I've ever had in HK. The staff do not really serve, they look busy but not really delivering service up to the MO standard.

  • Barbie Princess
    Barbie Princess
    2 months ago

    Clipper Lounge has a timelessly elegant feel. Clipper Lounge is best known for afternoon tea. Elegantly presented, the spread includes delicacies such as finger sandwiches, sweets, scones and our signature homemade rose-petal jam. We also offer extremely popular seasonal themed teas.

  • Fab R
    Fab R
    9 months ago

    Lunch buffet at Clipper Lounge is a treat - food is very good, I especially enjoyed the selection of sea food, sushi and sashimi which goes beyond of what you find at other lunch buffets. I also enjoyed the selection for cheese and bread. The highlight was the desert with the signature cheesecake, other cakes and pies were amazing as well, including the very nice pecan pie. The venue was nice but nothing outstanding. Will go there again for the food for sure.

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