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    Lux it up with Frosé Royale, an excessive upgrade with a bubbly twist. Indulge in one hour of flirty frosé, topped-up with Veuve Clicquot Champagne, a lip-smacking main from our brunch menu and a playful dessert. Settle in for the afternoon and immerse yourself in the electric tunes of our resident DJ while mingling with Soho's hottest weekend crowd. Champagne-addicts indulge in an extra special edition Veuve Clicquot Brunch, the full day-time party experience. From £49per person. Saturdays, 1pm-5:30pm.

    $ 60.00
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Kick -off in style with our fresh buffet of indulgent breakfast options – perfectly chosen to energise and fuel your day.

W London introduces a disruptive scene that amplifies the true persona and invites you to be yourself or…lose yourself. With a stunning design inspired by the vibrant plurality of the Londoner, The Perception bar and lounge showcase the multiple sides of every personality.




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  • Adam Lakhani
    Adam Lakhani
    a month ago

    This bar was a real disappointment and let down by the atmospherics and service. We had not been attended to for around 10 minutes and had to go up to the bar to order. This is fine, but not at $20+ a cocktail. Waiting staff were unapologetic and one of them was sneezing all over the bar. When they did bring the cocktails over they partially spilled the contents, didn’t acknowledge it, and moved on. Service charge was still added to our bill. The bar was not busy so they were not rushed. Additionally, security staff were positioned at the bathroom entrance. Unusual and uncomfortable. Only redeeming feature of the bar was the bar tenders. They were knowledgable, friendly, and made great cocktails. If the table service hadn’t been non-existent, I would not have seen this. For that price point, London has so much more to offer.

  • Jordan Bayles
    Jordan Bayles
    a month ago

    I was violently sick having the Afternoon Tea here. Even if I hadn't, the rating would still be a 2. Why? PRO: - Very pretty looking presentation. This is where the positive ends. CON: - Ridiculous expensive! - Non existent service (we were the only ones in the restaurant) - Stale bread for sandwiches. How? We were the only (and 1st) Afternoon Tea booking - Server told us that they take food out of fridge. Makes me think it's not fresh (didn't taste fresh) - Server told us we could only have one extra round since they had the rest in the fridge for tomorrow. Turned out that was ok since I puked it all out the next day. - Tea was so-so - Had to chase down server. Not sure why that would be since there was no one else in the restaurant, where exactly was he? - Scones were terrible. ??? Scones are the centerpiece of ANY afternoon tea - Food was not good - Restaurant would not take responsibility that it gave me food poisoning. - Assistant manager (Iulia) kept arguing about how it must have been something I ate elsewhere since food poisoning takes 24 hrs. So rude. SUMMARY: Even if I didn't puke my guts out it was terrible afternoon tea. Pretty looking but also pretty terrible. I heard recently that they've had influencers invited so they could get the word going how good the Afternoon Tea is at Perception in the W. You've been warned.

  • Paul Hemmelhemstead

    Great space for a large group. We had a semi private booth which was plenty of space to accommodate eight people. It has a nice fire in the middle which kept us very warm. The drinks are a little on the pricey side but the cocktails were delicious.

  • Xander Dumas
    Xander Dumas
    5 months ago

    Gorgeous venue, but weak drinks and horrible fish and fries that tasted like fried butter. The waiter was lovely and the surroundings were beautiful.

  • Nadia Johnson
    Nadia Johnson
    8 months ago

    We had a quick snack of tacos. Super yummy buns and savoury sauces. The coffee and martini was superb. Ambiance was also fun!

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