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Today, the Café de La Paix is an elegant restaurant, blend of listed Napoleon III decor, timeless and perfectly preserved, and a more contemporary spirit expressed by streamlined shapes and natural tones.

Experience Parisian chic and the classics of French cuisine, served for over 150 years to the crème of the capital and Parisians-for-a-day from around the world.




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  • Kiki Kwan
    Kiki Kwan
    a week ago

    We had a super big seafood plater : Opera Royal x2 (Euro$115x2 plus Entrees : escargots, steamed asparagus and a soup ). The waiter was not attentive enough to change clean plates for us for the whole meal. The ordering process was not smooth. Staffs not patient and did not listen carefully. We had the wrong order at the first place, though the manager changed quickly but the experience was not good. We preferred the Entree to be served first then the seafood platter to share, but everything came at the same time and the table was too small. In general, food was good, service was not up to standard with this price tag : a bill of Euro $408. (for 2 Adults and 2 kids). Excellent food, service not up to standard.

  • Kathy Chang
    Kathy Chang
    3 months ago

    Beautiful interior at the Cafe de la Paix. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the service. We ordered a bottle of water for seven people, but the waiter empty the bottle by the sixth cup, leaving my mom with no water. When the bread came, we asked for a gluten free option, which was acknowledged but did not arrive until the main course was served, which was way too late. We also ordered the seafood platter, and found that one whelk had an empty shell. When we told the waiter he simply laughed at us and did nothing to address our concern. The food was decent for its price, my personal favourite was the French onion soup. We also tried to soften the mood by speaking small bits of French with the waiter. The meal ended on a good note, with some delicious complementary chocolate, but overall the service was disappointing.

  • Chloe Jansiri
    Chloe Jansiri
    2 months ago

    My most fav restaurant in Paris during the trip! The onion soup lives up to its reputation and the scallop dish was delicious. The waiter was very friendly, he made us feel comfortable and gave us excellent recommendations too! Love this place and will definitely come back again.

  • NinG W
    NinG W
    2 months ago

    We just come by without any reservation. When we entered the restaurant,we were kept waiting a long while even the server told the table is cleaning. At this time, we were informed”just one minute and it will be ready soon”,but we waited for the table around 5~6mins and there were a lot of vacant table. When we sat down and saw the menu, there were written English but the words spelled were French dish name.Because we are not French,so I asked if there were ENGLISH menu or not, the server looked like ridicule us and replying us” it was all written in English,doesn’t it?” His attitude was arrogant and I felt this restaurant is not welcome foreigner at all. Btw, we couldn’t grasp the meaning of each dish,so we ordered a main course. (Sever also didn’t explain the food, he seemed to be talking order ASAP and left us to do his next step.) The price of course was higher than another restaurant,but I thought it was not worthy… (It would be the worst service I had experience in France of this travel.)

  • Tina Mellone
    Tina Mellone
    3 months ago

    Came here for a late lunch during the week to experience the elegant and beautiful decor. I had no reservations. However, for two people, the cafe was quick to sit 2 people (about a 10 minute wait). The hot chocolate was good and in charming muhs for you to pour into your mug. They offered soy milk as a dairy free option. The Caesar salad was very good, as was the dessert Baba Imperial, though I was not willing to spend $25 for French Onion soup.

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