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Mareva 1939 at National Hotel

Mareva1939, Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, USA
  • Types of Breakfasts Served
    American Breakfast, Brunch, Buffet Breakfast, Continental Breakfast

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Breakfast in Miami Beach: A Culinary Journey at Mareva 1939

Miami Beach, with its sun-kissed beaches, vibrant culture, and culinary delights, is a paradise for food enthusiasts. Among its culinary gems, Mareva 1939 stands out as a haven for breakfast and brunch lovers. Nestled in the heart of the tropical oasis that is the National Hotel, Mareva 1939 offers a remarkable gastronomic experience that combines delectable dishes, a charming ambiance, and a warm Floridian welcome. Join us on a delightful journey through the tantalizing world of breakfast in Miami Beach, where Mareva1939 takes center stage.

Sunrise by the Sea: A Coastal Oasis

As the sun casts its golden glow over the azure waters, Mareva 1939 welcomes you to its coastal oasis. Located in a picturesque corner of Miami Beach, this charming eatery offers a serene escape from the bustling city. Step into the restaurant, and you’ll be greeted by a relaxed ambiance, cool ocean breezes, and panoramic views of the pristine beach—a perfect setting to embark on a breakfast adventure.

A Symphony of Flavors: Breakfast Delights

Mareva 1939 is renowned for its culinary prowess, expertly crafting dishes that elevate breakfast to an art form. The menu showcases a symphony of flavors, blending local influences with international inspirations. From classic favorites to innovative creations, each dish is a celebration of fresh, seasonal ingredients and culinary expertise.

Coastal Bounty: Fresh Seafood Delicacies

In Miami Beach, the ocean is not just a scenic backdrop—it’s a source of inspiration. Indulge in Mareva 1939’s seafood creations, where fresh catches are transformed into breakfast delights. Savor the delicate flavors of smoked salmon atop a bed of fluffy scrambled eggs or experience the briny sweetness of jumbo shrimp paired with creamy avocado toast. With each bite, you’ll be transported to the coastal splendor of Miami Beach.

Tropical Infusions: Exotic Fruits and Juices

Miami Beach is synonymous with tropical paradise, and Mareva1939 embraces this essence with its exotic fruit offerings. Start your day with a vibrant fruit salad bursting with flavors of ripe mangoes, juicy pineapples, and tangy passion fruit. Quench your thirst with refreshing tropical juices like zesty orange-pineapple or invigorating watermelon-mint. These tropical infusions awaken your taste buds and offer a refreshing start to your morning.

Global Inspirations: International Breakfast Favorites

Miami Beach’s diverse cultural tapestry is reflected in Mareva1939’s international breakfast favorites. Embark on a culinary journey with French-style croissants, flaky and buttery, served with a side of homemade preserves. Delight in the savory goodness of Spanish-inspired egg tortillas, filled with a medley of vegetables and cheese. The fusion of global flavors brings a world of taste to your breakfast table.

A Visual Feast: Artistry on the Plate

At Mareva 1939, breakfast is not just a culinary experience but also a visual delight. Each dish is a work of art, meticulously crafted and beautifully presented. Vibrant colors, artistic plating, and thoughtful garnishes create a feast for the eyes. Every plate that emerges from the kitchen is a testament to the chef’s dedication to creating a visual and gastronomic masterpiece.

A Haven of Warmth and Hospitality

Beyond the extraordinary cuisine, Mareva1939 shines in its warm hospitality and genuine care for its guests. The staff embodies the spirit of Miami Beach—friendly, welcoming, and attentive. Whether you’re a local seeking a regular breakfast spot or a visitor in search of an authentic experience, the staff at Mareva 1939 ensures you feel like part of the family. They are always ready to offer personalized recommendations and make your breakfast experience truly memorable. Breakfast in Miami Beach reaches new heights of culinary excellence at Mareva 1939. From the moment you step into this coastal oasis, you embark on a sensory journey that showcases the best of local flavors and global inspirations. With a symphony of flavors, artful presentation, and warm hospitality, Mareva 1939 invites you to indulge in the magic of breakfast in Miami Beach—an unforgettable experience that will awaken your senses and leave you with cherished memories of this vibrant seaside paradise.





Google Reviews

209 reviews
  • Odelia Yeshaya
    Odelia Yeshaya
    3 months ago

    Amazing food, best Paella (vegetarian) I’ve had. Our waitress was super friendly and professional, yummy cocktails and beautiful design! Didn’t feel like a hotel restaurant but the atmosphere was great. Right after the dinner we sat in the lobby and could enjoy the piano man and a singer. Great end of the evening. Highly recommended for a date night!

  • Cheryl Zeller
    Cheryl Zeller
    4 months ago

    One of the best quality dinners I have had in Miami. The food was perfection! We had the artichokes, pan con tamate, bone marrow and the black rice paella. Everything was incredible! The service was excellent, the chef and manager even passed by our table just to see how everything was. Sit outside on the back patio. The pool and grounds are so beautiful!

  • Gary Graf
    Gary Graf
    2 months ago

    Oh my goodness, this was one of our best dining experiences ever and we have tried some amazing place in many major cities. Got a drink at the hotel bar to start and the bartender filled us in on all the things to try in the restaurant. For dinner we started with an appetizer which was like a Spanish bruschetta. Toast with tomato’s and anchovies on top. Delicious! We both got Spanish wines. A red and a white which were very good. For dinner we order a paella with scallops and shrimp. Amazing is the only way to describe it. Finished with a crustless cheese cake with blackberry compost. Really good. The servers and staff were on top of everything and so kind. We ate outside around the pool and is was very romantic. Definitely go here if you can!

  • Tracey Mancilla
    Tracey Mancilla
    a month ago

    Going to Mareva 1939 is like going to a hidden gem in SOBE. Such a classic, artistic, and vibrant ambiance that mirrors perfect with the Spanish cuisine. It’s irresponsible of us not to order the amazing appetizers, paellas, and exquisite deserts. Chef definitely has a fine tune on the spices. Always an honor to ask and to be served by Olga, she makes the experience worthwhile and provides amazing recommendations. Great for an amazing date and a photo op!

  • Lorena Rosca
    Lorena Rosca
    4 months ago

    Most beautiful restaurant I've ever been to. Stunning atmosphere thanks to the pool and lit-up trees. Our server Flavio was polite and very hospitable, making useful suggestions and answering all of our questions. We had the Padron Peppers (delicious), Kale Salad (good), Ham croquetas (good), Oxtail paella (delicious), she said yes (fun drink), cheesecake (was very smooth and delicate - felt very refined - better than cheesecake factory) and the chocolate ganache (rich and delicious) - will definitely recommend !! So glad we did this 🥂🎉🥰

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