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  • Types of Breakfasts Served
    Buffet Breakfast, Japanese Breakfast, Mexican Breakfast

The place is cheerful, colorful and puts you in a good mood; you can breathe an atmosphere full of international influences, the same ones that are offered in the dishes, rich in top-quality ingredients from all over the world. Nomad is the place to travel with the mind and taste without guilt, because our priority is to carry on a healthy lifestyle.




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44 reviews
  • T.H. TUHIN
    T.H. TUHIN
    4 years ago

    Vary good

  • Pablo Erdozain Castiella

    Nice place in the Parioli area to have a beer or a cocktail with friends. The bar is modern and comfortable, although the prices are suitable for the Parioli area, so not to go every week... The service is very competent and everything is clean.

  • Eleonora Caneti
    Eleonora Caneti
    a year ago

    A steal and not even a good one. The menu for ordering online is not updated so they call you after the order to tell you that what you have already paid for is not there. A bao (made from two mini buns) costs 13 euros with a prawn and a piece of avocado. Rude poke with stoned olives (at risk of broken teeth) prawns with pieces of skin is bad flavor and just a lot of sauce. I hope I'm not sick but I threw in some shrimp just to be safe. In short, a steal for what they do to you which isn't really that great a shame I didn't want to trust the negative reviews but they are all confirmed

    a year ago

    Yesterday for lunch I ate a poke made like this: white rice, salad, cucumbers, avocado and salmon tartare, oil, salt and a little soy sauce. After that I felt bad. I had symptoms of intoxication (stomach pain, bloating, nausea, headache), even my doctor told me it was intoxication. I was sick all last night and last night and up to now the stomach pains persist which don't go away even with the prescribed medicines. I went to the restaurant to point out this fact, I was only told that no one had complained and that yesterday this raw salmon was sold a lot. The quality of that salmon wasn't even questioned, it was all mushy, I've never seen a tartar like that. Not even compensation for damages was proposed or my contact was asked to ask me how I am even though I repeated several times that I still feel bad from that poke prepared by them. What can I say, very bad experience.

  • Andrea Alessandrini Gentili

    Basically if I wrote "rice only" in the order on Just Eat it was the same thing. Bare, almost non-existent seasoning. I asked for teriyaki sauce and they basically just drizzled it on us. The package didn't even include chopsticks or half a handkerchief for cleaning. Not to mention the very odious steel staples used to close the bag. In addition to being annoying, they are also dangerous because they could end up in food.

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