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Founded in 2013, Holybelly strives to provide the best food, coffee and service in a relaxed environment. After being trained in Melbourne, we wanted to offer the same kind of experience in Paris, a café setting serving proper restaurant food, the finest mix! At Holybelly “it’s good because we care.”




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4,780 reviews
  • irina maryukhina
    irina maryukhina
    2 weeks ago

    The food was delicious. The pancakes not too sweet good texture and well cooked. The schnitzel fry was good. Just a little dry, but still had great flavour. The onion pickling was a good touch. The eggs were well done, very creamy. The bread with butter was very good. Beans and the sausage patty were a great hit. Pleasant surprise. The drinks were really good. Well thought out. The service was okay. Little over priced for breakfast/brunch place.

  • Chirag Ranawat
    Chirag Ranawat
    a year ago

    An extremely famous brunch place which needs to be booked in advance to even have a chance of eating here. The hype did match the quality of food and ambience although vegan options are extremely limited. Do try their pancakes, which are a delight to the eyes and the taste buds.

  • Byean
    11 months ago

    Food is good for breakfast/brunch. I would have rated 5 stars if not for the diluted coffee drinks. Overall, you can expect good quality pancakes here! Love the setting of the restaurant, nicely decorated. The staff always has smile on and able to introduce their menu. Do note that you have to scan the virtual Q before entering! This is a English friendly restaurant as i noticed some restaurants in Paris do not offer English menu.

  • Sepideh S
    Sepideh S
    6 months ago

    We had our brunch at this amazing place. The queue was not that long and we were seated shortly. The quality of both dishes were great , pancakes are the must try ! Everything freshhh and also the coffee, really good! they care about quality . Staff were so fast and helpful.

  • Eric Gallegos
    Eric Gallegos
    5 months ago

    Great spot if you're looking for an American style brunch. The pancakes are fantastic and the coffee is on point. The staff is friendly and they speak English if your french is less than desirable. It's a little crowded, but that should be expected from a popular spot like this one. No reservations are needed, just walk on up and wait, our wait was about 5 minutes. There are two locations on the same street and as I understand it Holybelly 5 is the only one with the brunch menu.

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