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Founded in 2013, Holybelly strives to provide the best food, coffee and service in a relaxed environment. After being trained in Melbourne, we wanted to offer the same kind of experience in Paris, a café setting serving proper restaurant food, the finest mix! At Holybelly “it’s good because we care.”




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  • Ani Dragancheva
    Ani Dragancheva
    2 months ago

    One of the best places you can go for breakfast in Paris. Such an awesome choice for breakfast and coffee. The atmosphere is really comfortable for a nice breakfast with friends and a little chat. The staff is helpful and very friendly. Really clean bathroom which is always a good sign. Would visit again if I'm back in Paris

  • Racha El Halabi
    Racha El Halabi
    2 weeks ago

    I searched on google for the best pancakes in Paris and this place kept showing in each search. So I went there hoping for the best. And they did not disappoint me Time to be served: I came there to find people queued and a kind lady from the staff checking on each group waiting to know a table for how many is requested. I was lucky to be there alone, so I was offered a place on the bar after around 15 minutes of wait, so I skipped the line and went straight inside. Usually people will have to wait for around 30 minutes to get a table, depends on the number and how crowded it is. Hygiene: The place i sat on the bar is just in front of the kitchen, so everything inside was visible. It was obvious they had good sanity and hygiene, kitchen looked clean, organized and staff were covering their hair and beards. AND THAT WAS REALLY PLEASING TO SEE! Food: I ordered the "sweet stack" which is a bunch of pancakes with some fresh fruits, cream, roasted hazelnuts and topped with maple syrup. It was super warm, fluffy and mouthwatering. The fruits were fresh, and all the flavors mixed just perfectly. I noticed from this plate and all other plates that were being served that the portion is huge! So you will enjoy a good meal that will make you full properly. Service: Staff is really friendly. From chefs to waiters, they are welcoming, and chatty and have simles of their faces. I also noticed most of them are very fluent in english. Prices: Nothing too expensive, as I've been to many restos in paris, I can say prices here are very average and affordable. At least you are being served delicious food, good portions and welcomed with smiley faces. So the all in all experience is worth it.

  • Lihi Bavli
    Lihi Bavli
    2 months ago

    Such a lovely place for breakfast or brunch I am so happy we found this place! We arrived at a good time, just before it became very busy and a really big line formed outside. We ordered 2 eggs Benedict breakfast, and some chia pudding and of course, coffee. The food was great, the service was warm and very attentive, and the atmosphere was fun. I highly recommend this place :)

  • Vidit Bhatia
    Vidit Bhatia
    4 months ago

    One of the best food I had the granola was amazing and the hash browns the best I ever had they were very well done from outside and very soft from inside. A good place for vegetarians i being a vegetarian had a lot of options beware the am cakes have a lot of eggs and they smell a bit egg like as well unlike other places I had food. So one star taken off for that at least from the vegetarian’s perspective.

  • irina maryukhina
    irina maryukhina
    6 months ago

    The food was delicious. The pancakes not too sweet good texture and well cooked. The schnitzel fry was good. Just a little dry, but still had great flavour. The onion pickling was a good touch. The eggs were well done, very creamy. The bread with butter was very good. Beans and the sausage patty were a great hit. Pleasant surprise. The drinks were really good. Well thought out. The service was okay. Little over priced for breakfast/brunch place.

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