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  • Types of Breakfasts Served
    English Breakfast, French Breakfast, Italian Breakfast

Casual establishment with a terrace offering breakfasts, bagels & salads, plus beers & cocktails. The food at MeMe is excellent. Lovely, fresh, and healthy!




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  • Jayliz Rodriguez
    Jayliz Rodriguez
    8 months ago

    Cafe Meme was very delicious! We ate breakfast there, which for us consisted of the Atlantico bagel and scrambled eggs. Lots of flavor and very affordable. The coffee there is the best we’ve had in our entire Europe trip so far(Paris, Madrid, & Rome). Service was amazing and friendly as well. Definitely a 10/10 would recommend coming here and will be back!

  • Anthony Harrison
    Anthony Harrison
    8 months ago

    Café Même is a good option for a quick breakfast and they do have an English friendly menu. The seating is limited inside but they also have outdoor seating as well. The service was quick but they’re weren’t many people waiting. The food was decent for the price and what I mean by that is it seems that some of the food, possibly the bacon was microwaved but the eggs and toast were made to order. The main reason for the 2 stars is when our cups were brought to us, mine had lipstick on it!! I pointed this out and was quickly given another cup but it made me think, is this restaurant sanitary and do they make sure to keep everything clean. Again, nice little restaurant that gets the job done but don’t expect excellent food and make sure you cutlery, plates and cups are clean.

  • Marius Modoranu
    Marius Modoranu
    5 months ago

    The atmosphere is nice. We ordered 2 pancakes (with fruits on top) and 2 cappuccinos. The pancakes was sweet and delicious, and the coffee was ok. I give them 3 stars because: - on the menu, there is a photos with pancakes with fruits which is misleading. The menu item(6€) isn't the one from the photo. The waitress said the one with fruits it's 8€ when we asked. Not really a big problem. - when we pay, the total was 22€. The coffee was 2 on the menu, and the pancakes we were told it's 8. So from my calculations 20, not 22. Oh, on the receipt it's only one item of 22€ + On the menu from the entrance wall, the cappuccino it's 1.5€. I think they should update that too 🙄 Except these, I recommend their pancakes 🥞

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson
    3 months ago

    Wonderful little café with amazing food and great staff. We got the American breakfast, a yogurt bowl, and a chocolate croissant and it was all outstanding. Additionally the mimosas are too good (with fresh-squeezed juice). Our waiter was extremely friendly and helpful. If you’re looking for a nice place to eat brunch in Rome, this is the one!

  • Marie De Buyst
    Marie De Buyst
    7 months ago

    Very nice staff at the care of the customers. Special thanks to the man who was serving us, such a really good person willing to serve. The food was amazing, you’ll never regret going there. We had bagels and pancakes for dessert, delicious! I definitely recommend!!

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