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The right environment for an interesting time in BAGEL LOUNGE.




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  • Regards Shon
    Regards Shon
    3 months ago

    Super but even better was the staff! 🌟 super friendly and helpful staff, spoke good English. Also my son left his mobile phone and the staff were excellent and telephoned the emergency contact to let them know. thank you 🌟 🥯 bagels were delicious! 🍟 some of the best in Prague. 🥣 soup was very good, served with a bagel. 🍰 cakes and desserts were lush! 🐶 dog friendly ☕️ smooth delicious coffee and some latte art

  • Stephanie Atkinson
    Stephanie Atkinson
    2 weeks ago

    I loved everything about this place! The music is US retro - from early 2000s, the service is great, the prices, the food, the coffee is superb, and the atmosphere is unique! This is my first visit to Prague, and The Bagel Lounge is absolute perfection!!

  • Celt
    3 months ago

    Me and a friend went for a bit a bit of a late lunch. I’m not normally the biggest fan of bagels but this place was really good. I had the Duck Special bagel (Pulled duck, cheese, gherkin and pickled cabbage) with a side salad. Both were really tasty and the bagel was seasoned really well. My friend had the Black Panther Bagel (A burger patty, bacon, cheese and a fried egg). He also had a side of chips. The bagel was really nice and the sauce used on the bagel was a delight. The chips were also seasoned really well and were lovely and crispy, just how we like them. The interior of the place was really nicely decorated and all the staff were lovely and polite, they also spoke very good English which is a bonus if you’re travelling like we were. Overall I highly recommend this place to anyone in the area either as a breakfast or lunch option!

  • Rae Mcdowell
    Rae Mcdowell
    2 months ago

    Who knew bagels could be so exciting and have so many variations ?? We wandered into this place by chance on a day we wanted a relaxing chill day and were so glad we did I had the vegetarian Spanish from the Michelin menu and it has changed the way I see bagels entirely 🥯 my partner had the chicken kebab bagel with a few adjustments as a fussy eater and the staff were more than happy to do this. I also tried the mozzarella bites and we shared some fries with garlic mayo.

  • Viktor “vit157” Mullin

    Place which was tried first in Karlovy Vary, so it was interesting to see how it goes in Prague. We ordered breakfast and bacon bagel. Both came in fast, bagel was lukewarm, but somehow bacon was still crunchy. I think it would be better to have the bagel itself a bit warmed up, but it is matter of your personal preference. Fries were fresh and hot though, sauce was also nice. I liked the latte and amount of it was just right. There are no combo menus available and fries separately will cost you 90czk. Overall atmosphere is good, it was quite warm inside, but not too hot. Service was nice, waitress helped with choice and cooking was also fast. Payment with card is possible. Parking can be also found nearby, and on weekends it will be free. Overall it was fine, it is interesting to see these restaurants opening around Czechia.

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