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Breakfast in Long Beach: A Flavorful Fiesta at Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row

Long Beach, California, is a city known for its vibrant culture, and nestled within its lively Retro Row district is a culinary gem that promises to transport your taste buds south of the border. Welcome to Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row, where breakfast and brunch become a fiesta of flavors. Join us on a gastronomic journey as we explore the vibrant ambiance, authentic cuisine, and mouthwatering creations that make breakfast at Lola’s an unforgettable experience.

A Festive Ambiance: Immerse Yourself in Retro Row’s Vibrant Energy

Step into Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row and be enveloped by the lively and colorful atmosphere. The restaurant’s retro-inspired decor, vibrant murals, and cheerful music create a fiesta-like ambiance that sets the stage for a memorable breakfast experience.

A Taste of Mexico: Exploring Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row’s Menu

Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of authentic Mexican flavors as we delve into the diverse and enticing menu offerings at Lola’s. From traditional classics to innovative creations, their menu showcases the rich culinary heritage of Mexico.

Desayunos Tradicionales: Traditional Mexican Breakfast Delights

Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row pays homage to the traditional Mexican breakfast with dishes that capture the essence of Mexico’s culinary traditions. Indulge in hearty chilaquiles, flavorful huevos rancheros, or savory machaca con huevos, all expertly prepared to satisfy your cravings for authentic Mexican flavors.

Mexi-Cali Fusion: A Delicious Marriage of Cultures

Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row seamlessly blends the vibrant flavors of Mexico with the fresh and diverse ingredients of California. Delight in unique creations like breakfast tacos with a twist, avocado toast with a Mexican flair, or a scrumptious breakfast burrito bursting with flavor and textures.

Sweet Treats: Indulge Your Sweet Tooth Mexican Style

No breakfast experience at Lola’s is complete without indulging in their decadent sweet treats. Savor the delights of churro French toast, fluffy Mexican pancakes drizzled with caramel sauce, or cinnamon-infused Mexican hot chocolate for a sweet and satisfying morning pick-me-up.

Authenticity on the Plate: Lola’s Commitment to Quality and Tradition

Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row takes great pride in using the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, ensuring an authentic taste of Mexico in every dish. From their hand-pressed tortillas to their vibrant salsas and richly seasoned meats, every element on your plate reflects Lola’s dedication to quality and tradition.

Wake Up to Bold Flavors: Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row’s Signature Coffee

No breakfast is complete without a steaming cup of coffee, and Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row elevates this morning ritual with their signature Mexican coffee creations. Sip on rich and aromatic café de olla or enjoy a creamy horchata latte, infusing your breakfast experience with the bold and enticing flavors of Mexico.

Beyond Breakfast: Brunch Delights at Lola’s

Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row extends its culinary prowess to an exquisite brunch menu, offering a delightful fusion of breakfast and lunch favorites. Indulge in tantalizing options such as shrimp ceviche tostadas, flavorful enchiladas, or a savory carne asada skillet, allowing you to experience the best of Lola’s throughout the day.

A Destination Worth Celebrating: Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row in Long Beach

Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row has become an iconic destination for breakfast and brunch in Long Beach, offering a flavorful fiesta that lingers in the memory of all who visit. With its vibrant ambiance, authentic cuisine, and commitment to quality, Lola’s invites you to savor the flavors of Mexico in the heart of Retro Row.

When it comes to breakfast in Long Beach, Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row stands out as a culinary gem that captures the vibrant spirit and rich flavors of Mexico. From the moment you step into their festive atmosphere to the last bite of their authentic creations, Lola’s promises an unforgettable breakfast experience. Embark on a flavorful fiesta and discover why Lola’s Mexican Cuisine Retro Row is a destination worth celebrating in Long Beach, California. Let the flavors of Mexico dance on your palate and create lasting memories of a breakfast fiesta like no other.




Google Reviews

1,251 reviews
  • Wendy Benitez
    Wendy Benitez
    2 months ago

    One of our regular haunts since opening. Many vegetarian options... my go to is the potato taquitos. We also often order the queso fundido with soyrizo..... pairs well with the amazing green 'crack' sauce... not certain what it contains, but amazingly yummy. Just discovered Ochoa drink... half Jaimica.. works well together.. with the tea cutting the sweetness of the Jamica. Strayed from my usual and ordered the vegetarian butternut squash enchiladas. Butternut squash cream is a nice take on cream sauce, giving it a slightly sweet and buttery taste. Served with a medly of zucchini, tomato and onions. Can't go wrong with anything here. Fun, upbeat atmosphere in a cafe type setting.

  • Jordan Rehbock
    Jordan Rehbock
    4 weeks ago

    I cannot recommend Lola's more for a proper sit-down Mexican restaurant. There's hardly a dish here that leads you wrong. The chips and salsa alone are to die for. The cochinita pibil is an excellent dish as are the street taco offerings. Don't sleep on the mango avocado salad either! With added shrimp, that salad offers the "perfect bite."

  • Teri “Teri's Tunes Pdx” Briggs

    Celebrated my sister's birthday and our Mom's memorial at Lola's and it was fantastic! We had the original margarita, the pork special, steak bites and squash ravioli. Everything was so wonderful!

  • Russ Lacuata
    Russ Lacuata
    5 months ago

    Great tasting Birria Tacos. Relax vibe. Service was good. It's in Retro Row area with many things to do before or after eating.

  • Samantha Allen
    Samantha Allen
    in the last week

    Love the green sauce they serve alongside their chips and salsa. Service is amazing, everyone is super attentive. The Tijuana tacos and Fish tacos are delicious. My dad loved the carnitas plate. Large portions and fantastic rice.

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