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    American Breakfast, English Breakfast, French Breakfast, Italian Breakfast

Augustine Restaurant offers contemporary European menu including delicious Czech specialties, carefully created by Chef Martin Boháček from local and seasonal ingredients. Martin believes that constant search for great seasonal local and sustainable products, treating it with respect, knowledge and skill is necessary to meet and exceed the guests expectations.




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  • Yo Av
    Yo Av
    a year ago

    After reading the glowing reviews from 2-3 years ago, I wanted to have the same experience. The food was fine and service was polite, but considering the price and online reputation, I felt somewhat disappointed. Little details were off. The dining room closed and we ate at the bar. The butter was frozen solid. The soup was almost boiling hot. It was a fine meal, but did not rise to the level I read about. The chicken was a bit dry but pretty good.

  • Thomas Hofstaetter
    Thomas Hofstaetter
    2 months ago

    Probably the best duck I ever ate. The restaurant is located in a Marriott Hotel. Atmosphere could be a little better but food and service is very good and you can also get cocktails delivered to your table from the nearby bar. Expect a bill of 4,000+ CZK

  • Michaela Jonášová
    Michaela Jonášová
    4 months ago

    Sunday brunch- very poor service, ordinary food with small selection - generally not worth money! …pleasant life music but quite loud in the nice restaurant and garden in the heart of the old Prague.

  • Petr Vladyka
    Petr Vladyka
    4 months ago

    Sunday brunch - fabulous oysters, but that was it. The other food just average in general. Staff rather unexperienced (especially for such a place). Example - ordered a lungo, got an americano. When asked to have it changed, the waitress had no idea what I was talking about (?!?). Called the manager to fix it. Clogged washbasin in the restroom. I don't consider myself a troublemaker at all. In general - less then average, unfotunately. No more.

  • Turlough Guerin
    Turlough Guerin
    3 months ago

    We are impressed with food and service on Christmas Eve

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