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Augustine Restaurant offers contemporary European menu including delicious Czech specialties, carefully created by Chef Martin Boháček from local and seasonal ingredients. Martin believes that constant search for great seasonal local and sustainable products, treating it with respect, knowledge and skill is necessary to meet and exceed the guests expectations.




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  • Emin Keleş
    Emin Keleş
    a month ago

    We had high expectations because we read very good reviews, but we encountered an almost mediocre restaurant that was far below our expectations. The cocktails are an absolute disaster. The food was of mediocre taste. Also, it was the first time I witnessed him folding napkins in front of his eyes for hours in a fine dining restaurant. It was a bad experience. I do not recommend.

  • Ramona Costin
    Ramona Costin
    in the last week

    We went for the brunch option and brought friends with us, after a great first experience in the restaurant. Unfortunately our expectations were not met this time. The cost of the brunch does not reflect the value and service we received. The atmosphere was nice as the layout of the restaurant and garden is great, but it was a bit too crowded and noisy for us. We were expecting a more intimate and airy setting. The food was ok - nothing outstanding or amazing. The lasagna was pretty dry and lacking proper filling, the sweets were very nice looking but lacking flavor and depth. But the real challenge was that we had to 'fight' for the attention of the waiters to get our glasses filled and the order ready. We had to wait 15 minutes for a lemonade and we always had to ask for something. For such a location and prices, we would expect our glasses to be always filled and to be taken care of much much better. I am not sure what happened but now we are concerned about going back . We do not want a similar experience as this one.

  • Thomas Hofstaetter

    Probably the best duck I ever ate. The restaurant is located in a Marriott Hotel. Atmosphere could be a little better but food and service is very good and you can also get cocktails delivered to your table from the nearby bar. Expect a bill of 4,000+ CZK

  • Yo Av
    Yo Av
    2 years ago

    After reading the glowing reviews from 2-3 years ago, I wanted to have the same experience. The food was fine and service was polite, but considering the price and online reputation, I felt somewhat disappointed. Little details were off. The dining room closed and we ate at the bar. The butter was frozen solid. The soup was almost boiling hot. It was a fine meal, but did not rise to the level I read about. The chicken was a bit dry but pretty good.

  • Michaela
    a year ago

    Sunday brunch- very poor service, ordinary food with small selection - generally not worth money! …pleasant life music but quite loud in the nice restaurant and garden in the heart of the old Prague.

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