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Friedman’s Herald Square is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an exceptional breakfast experience in New York’s West Side. With a commitment to serving fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Friedman’s stands out in the culinary landscape. This eatery is celebrated for its diverse menu, catering to various dietary preferences, including gluten-free options. The atmosphere combines a relaxed vibe with an upscale flair, making it perfect for both casual breakfasts and business meetings. For a memorable breakfast in New York’s West Side, Friedman’s Herald Square is a top choice, offering both quality and comfort in every dish.




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3,640 reviews
  • Melanie Tam
    Melanie Tam
    a week ago

    Our group of four came by on a Saturday for brunch at 12:30. It was crowded but we didn't wait too long. In fact, it's a pretty well-oiled machine they have running. We must have gotten our food within 5 minutes of ordering, and yes, it was hot - so they must have certain things prepped beforehand. We had an order of the lemon ricotta pancakes for the table to share. I was really excited for these but they were kind of disappointed. There was not enough lemon flavor or ricotta. They just tasted like pancakes with a hint of lemon. For my main, I wanted to try the fried chicken, which is what they're known for. But I didn't want the chicken dinner, so I went with the fried chicken sandwich. For lack of better words, it was thick and juicy. The chicken was perfectly fried. It does get pretty messy though. It also comes with a side of fries. Can't believe I've waited so long to try Friedman's! Don't let the brunch crowds deter you. Everything moves quickly and is very efficient. We were in and out in less than an hour.

  • Tatiana Torres
    Tatiana Torres
    2 weeks ago

    Stopped at Friedmans for brunch . Everything was amazing . All the wait staff were friendly and helpful. the food was out of this world. The blueberry butter was INSANE

  • G D
    G D
    2 months ago

    My recent visit to Friedman's Herald Square left me impressed. Their pancakes were fantastic - fluffy, flavorful, and incredibly delicious. The coffee was also spot-on, rich and flavorful. With a menu that goes beyond just breakfast fare, Friedman's is a great option for a satisfying meal any time of day.

  • Jackie
    a month ago

    Very good food for breakfast/brunch. With regards to my avocado eggs, I would have appreciated a bit of a bigger piece of toast as I was still a bit hungry after this. Service wasn’t terrible but just not as friendly as other places we visited in NY and felt a little rushed.

  • 이진옥
    4 months ago

    The atmosphere of the restaurant is quiet and nice. What I ordered were lemonade pancakes, grilled cheese, and an omelet, but they weren't as special or very tasty as I expected. What I regret so much is that I didn't order a salad. I was hungry, and the food was mainly bread, potatoes, French fries, and eggs. I got tired of it quickly, and although I wasn't full, I felt full. Waiter, don't neglect your job and do it right. The tip was not worth it. The food isn't cheap, but if you want a tip, be sure to serve it properly. And the interior of the restaurant is not bright, so why is the black curtain at the exit so heavy? I was annoyed because I couldn't find the exit

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