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We are in a place that will dominate all of your senses. A place where we believe in tradition and honesty, but at the same time, we do not stand still. We believe that a good restaurant is not only about good food but is also about the location in which it can be found.




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  • Natalie Wright
    Natalie Wright
    3 months ago

    We recently stayed at the iron gates hotel and suites. We spent some time each day/night in the bar area where we were served by Daniel. Service was fantastic, and on our last night we ate in the Deer restaurant. The food was absolutely beautiful. Each dish was well thought out and beautifully presented, and Daniel was very knowledgeable about the wine he served us. A* all round.

  • Julie Rideout
    Julie Rideout
    3 months ago

    The best restaurant in Prague. We had brunch and dinner here and loved everything. The service is very good, menu varied and a decent wine to suit our taste. Food was delicious. A well deserved 5 stars.

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson
    a month ago

    We were here for brunch. The staff was very unfriendly, both to us and other guests. Very long wait for the food, although there were many empty tables. The dishes were okay but not very good, the portions rather small, and it felt like some fresh ingredients were missing. The eggs that they used for the eggs Benedict were low quality. When paying they added a 12.5% tip on the total - considering the bad quality of the service I would not have tipped at all. Overall not a good experience, would not recommend it.

  • Lauren
    5 months ago

    5/5 stars for this impeccable dining establishment. My server, Daniel, made my experience top tier and so delightful. I felt like a queen here. The menu made me feel like a kid in a candy shop, each page was as beautiful as the next. The creativity and passion that goes into each meal does not go unnoticed. I ordered dessert first as it just seemed right at a place like this - the textures, colors, flavors, plating, garnishes - what a special feeling to receive each plate! If I didn’t live half way across the world, this would be my #1 restaurant of choice to frequent. Truly, a special place with the most delicious and amazing plates. This was the best dining experience I have had to date. I will rave about this place to everyone traveling to Prague. I cannot wait to come back and relish in this food again!

  • A Dżej
    A Dżej
    2 months ago

    We were there at the beginning of December when you could see the Christmas Decorations yet, for Christmas freaks like me, it’s so eye-catching and heart-warming. We were surprised then to what luxurious place we came but not everything was as perfect as we expected. Starting with waiters, who should be as professional as possible in such place (IMO), I couldn’t find any politeness, I didn’t hear welcome, thank you etc. Moreover, the waiters while holding the trays, they were doing it with both hands not one and finally, they put the tray on the table while serving the guests, and no, the tray was not full of dish, the waitress was holding 2 cappuccinos on it. Second thing is the final look of the meal, we came here to eat breakfast, I took Benedict eggs, in the menu, it shows that you get the salad to it - but I didn’t get. Again, why are waiters here? They should inform the clients about any inconvenience.

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