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There is more to life than rush. Breakfast, brunch, coffee, cake, wifi, chill.

Coffee Candy Cane and Fathers Coffee Roastery
Here you can enjoy your favorite coffee drink from two Czech roasters, with whom we have several years of experience.

The first is Candy Cane, ie coffee sweet as a candy. The Prague roastery of specialty coffee was founded by baristas, coffee enthusiasts and especially friends who had experience from many Prague and other cafes throughout the country. You can taste coffee with us on both espresso and filter, and if you are interested, you can also buy some beans at home.

The second roastery is Father’s coffee roastery, this time from Ostrava. Father’s roastery of specialty coffee, a small family business and one dream come true. Dad is roasting, Mom is tasting passionately and the growing children are enthusiastically watching everything. You can most often find this coffee on the filter, but espresso is not excluded either. We also have beans at home!




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  • Austin Graff
    Austin Graff
    a month ago

    A top rated cafe near our hotel, my six-year-old daughter and I went for breakfast on a Friday morning spring 9:30 a.m. Community seating, we sat right away with a group of tourists. It’s a small space, but they have a few tables outside. We ordered a latte, hot chocolate, pancakes, and cheese toast. It was all tasty. Nothing out of this world, but a decent breakfast. Service was friendly and efficient. The prices are a bit more compared to other spots.

  • Alexandra Pera
    Alexandra Pera
    2 months ago

    Tiny, cosy cafe with the most amazing brunch… my new favourite in Prague! They bring you a tray of butter for salty dishes which I love. Free water with rosemary is amazing. The French toast is to die for… the scrambled eggs are also amazing and special, better than any others I’ve ever had… the toast can be either vegan with sweet potato spread and mushrooms and herbs and cashew cream, or with eggs instead… and it’s so good! The porridge is also incredibly good and nutty and flavourful. There’s nothing negative I can say. Coffee is also good. There’s some pastries. Options for everyone, including vegan, vegetarian. There’s outdoor seating too. Must try!!!

  • bao baok
    bao baok
    3 weeks ago

    Food is good, though bread was a bit stale. Coffee is really good. It's a really tiny place with nothing interesting in terms of cafe ambience, so come sit down if you find a place and leave. Food preparation was really long, though. I'd come again and recommend to friends, as long as there is no queue to get in.

  • Mihai Tibrea
    Mihai Tibrea
    2 weeks ago

    The food was excellent! Very tasty, fresh ingredients and the service is fast. Our waitress was very polite which added to our good experience. We finished with a brownie, very soft and delicious. It wasn't too sweet which is great.

  • P D
    P D
    4 months ago

    We looked for a place for brunch away from the tourist city center and found this gem. Very small, but you can drink a delicious cappuccino outside in the sun while you wait for your food. The first item on the menu was amazing, no idea what it was called, but a toast with smashed pumpkin, poached egg, mint and many more good things. And if you ask real nice, you get also some gluten free pancakes that are not officially on the menu anymore - top. Thanks for this wonderful start in our last day in Prague this time. We will be back :-)

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