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Largest Starbucks in the World until the one in ChiTown opened. To avoid long line, plan of arriving there very early. Staffs all friendly.




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  • Muhammad Saud Yousuf

    The building design was amazing, the service was amazing, and the food was also good, even if a little on the pricier side. Well worth it for the atmosphere. I really liked the multiple floors and spaces which included outdoor seating on the balcony as well. Another nice touch was being able to order on different floors. The selection of special/limited items is a lot as well (both items and food). If there is one thing, it can be quite packed so keep that in mind. They do have a QR code system to stop people from lining up outside. It also lets you know when you are next in line. Although it said we were about 30th in line, it took 30 minutes but I think it can vary on time.

  • Dalton Fox
    Dalton Fox
    a month ago

    Absolutely stunning experience. We arrived fairly early in the morning so the wait wasn't long. The staff here are a bundle of joy and treated us like close friends. During our trip here we were celebrating our honeymoon, the staff overheard us and wrote cute notes for us as a part of our celebration onto our drink coasters. A few people even came over and told us congratulations which was so nice for them to take time out of their busy morning rush routine to come and do. The coffee here is on another level, I'm typically not a fan of Starbucks coffee but here, especially at the mod bar we tried, the coffee was what I'd expect from a high end third-wave cafe / local roaster. Truly a unique experience and I wish I could go back every day. There are a ton of seats across the multiple floors, the lighting inside is beautiful. The decor and design of the entire building is beyond belief. This reserve roastery is far better than the one located state side even in Seattle. Bravo 👏

  • Futago Twinn
    Futago Twinn
    a month ago

    We just came back from Tokyo Japan a couple of weeks ago and I must say that this Starbucks is really something. It was quite an experience being there. First off, we tried to visit the coffee shop at 2:00 pm in which we found out that it is almost impossible to get in. First you have to sign up for wait list. So we decided to leave and give it another shot on the following day, in which we went at 06:45. Yes, we opened the door at 7:00. The place is amazing and note that they roast their own coffee beans. Each floor has its own type of services of drinks, from hot to cold. We end up visiting the place 2x. The food was fresh. Fresh baked bread and desserts. Very clean and very polite staff. Don’t miss the available merchandise at the ground level.

  • Leathon Magee
    Leathon Magee
    4 weeks ago

    This place was just wow. I have never experienced such a great coffee experience. It was 4 floors of awesome. Apparently there are only 6 of these in the world so definitely worth checking out if you are in Tokyo. The drinks are good and lots of options and the service was amazing too.

  • daddydrives
    a week ago

    This is our 3rd visit here since it opened in 2019. Time flies and it’s already celebrating its 5th anniversary! This flagship outlet never fails to amaze me and you just have to visit to see for yourself how huge it is. Everytime we come by there’s always something unique and new to try and it’s definitely not your typical Starbucks outlet. However, this is the first time we visited at night and the views are just amazing and there’s no queue! The first time we visited was during the day when cherry blossoms were in full bloom and that was a sight to behold!!

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