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Largest Starbucks in the World until the one in ChiTown opened. To avoid long line, plan of arriving there very early. Staffs all friendly.




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  • Isla Matsurika
    Isla Matsurika
    7 months ago

    Be ready to spend a bit, even if you’re just going alone! I managed a mixed (non-alcoholic) drink and pastry for about ¥1600, and I got some of the cheaper items. However, the menu and building are unlike any regular Starbucks location, in the best way. Interior design and environment was stunning, and absolutely photo-worthy. Depending on the time, most customers will first have to receive a queue number outside beside the main building. It won’t be hard to find - there are employees giving directions and other customers doing the same as you. Service was quick, despite the somewhat long lines and complexity of many of the menu items. There are four floors, three of which serve various food items and drinks, including pizza, pie pastries, classic cakes, tarts (and more that I can’t pronounce), etc. You can enjoy your purchases on any floor, and the top floors have outdoor balconies. Drinks ranged from simple coffee brews to mixtures I’ve never even considered, like what I ordered: orange soda and iced coffee. In the same glass. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. For those who are of age, alcoholic drinks and cocktails are also available. Reserve Roastery-exclusive products are also available for purchase at the front, including coffee beans, but as with any Starbucks merchandise, you’ll have to put quite a bit of cash down for it. Though I must say, some of the items were beautifully designed and had I the spare budget, I certainly would have bought a few things. Planning to go again with my aunt, and will try some of the other fancy drinks and such. Really excited!

  • Grant Kantor
    Grant Kantor
    a month ago

    Exquisite interior and atmosphere that makes you feel like you're in a premium place and great coffee to match it - but be prepared to pay a premium price. There are lots of special blends and unique drinks to try, so it could take a while to choose what you want (which is a good problem). Getting the coffee took quite a while due to the long line, but I will say they were well organized. You get a buzzing device that notifies you when your drink is ready. If you are able to, I recommend going up a few levels to enjoy your drink on the outdoor seating, which has a great view and vibe. I think this is a great place to visit if looking for gifts as there is plenty of merchandise to peruse on the first floor. Overall worth a visit, but I wouldn't return often with those prices.

  • Claudia Kang
    Claudia Kang
    2 months ago

    enjoyed every part of it. you have to wait a hell out of here if you go later than 10:00 am. i was lucky to enter here without any waiting but I don’t think waiting 30-1 hrs would affect my impressions on the experience. the drink, food, interior design, service, goods all had a very good taste. they are a bit pricey, but they never felt expensive. I strongly recommend their barrel aged cold brew coffee (about 1300 yen as I remember) because the flavor and fragrance profiles were nothing short of a very well made cocktail. happy to see this place well diluted in the neighborhood and serving the full ‘tokyo’

  • Alexis Busso
    Alexis Busso
    9 months ago

    This place is a work of architectural wonder. Even if you are not a fan of Starbucks, or coffee, I would recommend visiting for the experience alone. There are many unique coffee, tea, and cocktail concoctions, and variety of delicious pastries, bread, and savory dishes. As can be expected, everything is priced on the higher end. A bit of an overwhelming experience at first. The place is loud with the coffee machines, and people. It’s difficult to know where to order, but the staff are friendly and will help guide you. The tickets are limited by the day, but if you get there early, it shouldn’t be a problem. I came on a Sunday afternoon and was able to enter within 30 minutes. I highly recommend checking out the terrace on the third and fourth floor.

  • Shashi Dharani
    Shashi Dharani
    5 months ago

    Very nice and big Starbucks Roastery and cafe near the Meguro river. It’s the biggest one in Japan and has three floors, all with different food and drink options. Lots of tea, breads, desserts and coffee to buy and take home, sourced from all across the world. Has nice souvenir shops too, in case you feel like buying something for yourself or friends. There is a bar on the third floor and outdoor balcony seating too. A lot things are different from the usual Starbucks experience. Highly recommend, if you don’t mind spending extra. The staff are very friendly and explain well if you ask politely. They are also English friendly, so it’s a good experience for foreigners too.

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